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‘In January there is always a rash of articles explaining how the construction industry will do things differently in 2019. Most of them will be talk without action.’

What do you mean? The meanings behind good intention in 2019

Sarah Fox

‘The biggest benefit of the cloud, and one that the construction industry has recognised, is the benefit to both the team and the project itself of being able to collaborate ...

Taking digital platforms to the cloud

Dr Stephen Hamil, NBS

‘Offsite methods offer real potential to transform day-to-day working conditions in the construction industry – with hugely positive implications for health and safety and wellbeing.’

The offsite technologies Morgan Sindall is embracing

David Rowsell


when and where will these seminars be held?

2019 predictions 2: Jozef Dobos bigs up Mission ...

The problem I find with the wedge is it's out of date and needs ditching. Change the shape at the ...

Tony Radford
Explaining the levels of BIM

Great advice Nick, makes perfect sense and lots of useful tips!

Tony Radford
Taking digital platforms to the cloud

Good design would take into account constraints imposed by practical considerations, such as budget, but also the less tangible constraints ...

James D E Cross
Will BIM turn contractors into manufacturers?

Hi Alex, The algorithms depend on the database in the system and Uniclass. Kreo currently collaborates with BCIS for its ...

Julia Valentine
Start-up courts contractors with AI-based BIM pre-construction software