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‘How can we overcome the complexities of vertical construction and deliver on-budget, on-time, sustainably-built buildings that are fit for the future?’

How technology can help construction industry reach new heights

Chris Emery, Topcon Positioning

‘Architecture is a long, expensive course, yet starting salaries tend to be fairly low. This, together with construction’s poor image, make it difficult to attract the high-quality people that we ...

Why we’ve got to embrace new ways of working

Jaimie Johnstone

‘Game of Thrones was not universally loved, and nor is BIM. But both have super-fans who can spread the word to the uninitiated or sceptics and ensure that the great ...

What on earth has Game of Thrones got to do with BIM?

Sarah Fox

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Head of Real Estate Major Projects, Department for Work & Pensions

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Senior Building Control Officer, North West Leicestershire District Council

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Head of Real Estate Major Projects, Department for Work & Pensions

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Director of Operations and Facilities, Ascension Island Government

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Building Surveyor, Durham University

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Graduate Quantity Surveyor

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Another really important benefit of digital twins is how they can help decarbonise the built environment as the industry strives ...

Suzanne Wallace
What can digital twins do for you?

Great article John, A couple of reactions to share: First, is to not forget the tremendous value that BIM plays ...

Eric Harris
Starting your BIM journey - Part 2: Focus ...

The video shows them lowering a cage inside and then filling with more concrete. These seem to be effctively a ...

Reuben O'Halloran
Robots 3D-print concrete columns without formwork

Are these mass concrete or reinforced? If reinforced, how does that work?

Richard Saxon
Robots 3D-print concrete columns without formwork

Based on lots of experiences with standardisation processes and standards and most important based on input of users (architects, construction ...

Ok Van megchelen
BIM consultants and their role in digital transformation