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‘It is almost impossible to create a distributed federated model, with each specialist AEC responsible for hosting its own content, because the amount of format translation required would increase latency ...

BIM and Brexit - There’s more in common than you think

Tony Marshallsay

‘The effect of piecemeal training and implementation has created a two-tier system, with elite supply chain partners benefiting, and the remainder left without the resource, time and investment to embark ...

Why we need to tackle two-tier system of BIM adoption

Donatella Fiorella, ISG

‘Given the wide supply base across the UK defence industry, it is essential that the development of future digital military solutions conform to a set of guiding principles and open ...

Time for MoD to get on board the BIM journey

Ian Gibson, Atkins

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Project Surveyor, Bristol City Council

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Senior Operations Manager, Metropolitan Police, London

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Buildings Asset Manager, UKRI- BBSRC, Swindon

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Workplace Tutor (Quantity Surveying and Construction Management), Nottingham Trent University

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Architectural Technologist/Technician, Colten Developments, Ringwood, Hampshire

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Capital Projects Manager

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A huge step in the right direction.

George Barry Higgs
Modular housebuilder creates speedy-build app for customers

Point taken and noted! My point was that this has been discussed innumerable times over the last few years and ...

Why we need to tackle two-tier system of ...

I have been in general contracting and run a Chartered Building Company for a number of years. I am interested ...

Richard Coles
Procurement organisation launches funding arm for SMEs

Good argument but get the story right. The Palace of Westminster that we have today was built after a fire ...

Richard Saxon
Houses of Parliament: Renovation delays highlight benefits of ...

Having worked with BIM from an installation perspective for a large number of years, I have nothing but praise for ...

Paul Sowerby
The great leap forward? Evaluating BIM Level 2